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It's all about me, me , me , me....

As you may have guessed I am an IT professional. I specialize in backend development using php and mysql. I also dabble in osCommerce, and in another life I was an IT director for a small company. But enough about my professional life. You can read that in my professional services area or even see example of my work in my portfolio.

So you want to know about me, and my life out side of work well here are some highlights:

  • Married with 2 furry kids - tinkerbell and daisy
  • Live in NJ - ok that's not such a highlight
  • Disney - oh I am in deep, completely addicted - Me and Pluto
  • Philadelphia Fan - especially the Flyers and Eagles
  • yeah and a gaming geek - I know big surprise

Favorite Links

This is where I love to surf: